Integrated management system

Integrated Management System in Agricultural Production

The Prespa Farm G & C Dimitropoulos has the Integrated Management System in accordance with the standards of AGROCERT. This is an alternative to conventional, environmentally friendly production method, whereby the producer drastically reduces the use of chemical preparations and uncontrolled application of cultivation interventions. He is obliged to follow certain rules of production, according to the suggestions of the supervisor Agronomist and keep logs of the implemented practices in order to ensure the consumer health and environmental protection.

The AGROCERT has developed standards AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2, which describe the requirements that a farm must comply in order to be certified to implement the Integrated Management System (IMS) in the production of its products.

AGRO 2-1 Specification

Includes general requirements across the agriculture that can be inspected objectively. The set of principles for certification of Integrated Management System is applicable to every farm, regardless of any kind of productive direction.

AGRO 2-2 Requirements for application

Describes the technical and legal requirements of the system in crop production that accompanies the standard AGRO 2-1. Includes general rules of good agricultural practice and the accompanying measures of agriculture environmentally friendly exercise (crop) to produce safe, quality products and achieve excellent environmental management.


The Integrated Management System according to standards AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2, applied either collectively by producer groups or on an individual basis by individual producers, with scientific support and monitoring by supervising technical director.

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